The Present Tense

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It is the least used form of present tense. Present perfect progressive is used to indicate an action that began in the past and is still occurring in the present. Both present perfect and present perfect continuous can be used to indicate this type of action. Learn English. Tenses are mainly categorized into three types.

Present Tense

Present Tense 2. Past Tense 3. We are good cricket players.

Different types of present tense in English

Second You are an irresponsible person. You all are always irresponsible.

(Using the present simple – expressing the present)

Third The earth is smaller than Jupiter. Junk foods are not good for health. He understands it. They love swinging in the park.

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Some people do not believe in God. I usually wake up at 6. He plays cricket, but his brother plays football. Earth is bigger than Mercury.

Simple Present Tense

The heat of the sun is the least in the polar. Example: I am going to the college field.

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He is coming here for some tips. They are making a basketball ground.

Present Tense - Grammar exercise | English4u

Why are you working in that horrible place? Four teams are playing at this moment. This structure is also used to demonstrate future time. Example: Alex is leaving for Portugal tomorrow.

GRAMMAR: How to use present tenses

I am going to complete my task tomorrow. Our bus is leaving at 6.

The Present Simple Tense

They are flying to Australia next month. Online writing blog , Resources , Style and usage resources. Online writing blog , Punctuation resources , Resources.

follow url Verbs — using the present tense Mary Morel. Simple present The simple present is used for: General truths — Broccoli is good for you. Recurring actions — I walk every day. Future events — The bus departs at 9pm. Events that are taking place now — She eats while he sleeps.

Present progressive The present progressive emphasises the continuing nature of an event. He is studying hard.

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Present perfect The present perfect is: Action that began in the past and continues into or impacts on the present I have worked on this document since last week. Habitual action She has limped all her life. Present perfect progressive The present perfect progressive is an event that began in the past, continues into the present and may go into the future.