The Fiery Salamander

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Salamanders, being of the realm of Spirit-formless, are not confined to any dimension. Standing nine feet tall, they may reduce their size, with the flicker of a flame, to an inch in height. They are beings of tremendous power. Once captured by black magicians, they can be extremely destructive, but in the service of those who love the Christ—where they love to be—there is nothing they cannot do to uplift the standards of the race. Beloved Aries has described the work of the salamanders:.

Salamanders in folklore

Mankind can call to Archangel Michael and Mighty Astrea to cut free the salamanders and all elemental life from the negativity and black magic that keep them from performing their service in full obedience to the will of God. Call to Oromasis and Diana to take command of the fiery salamanders and to contain all uncontrolled, destructive fires. In the name of the Christ, command the elementals to bring such fires under God-control. Call to the Great Divine Director to arrest the spirals of human infamy that have imprisoned elementals in lower forms.

Also, ask for all elementals to be cleared by the combined alchemy of the resurrection flame and the violet flame. The violet flame can consume all radioactive substances that have burdened the salamanders and the earth through irresponsible uses of nuclear energy.

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Ask Cyclopea to give to every elemental the divine image and the divine vision of the golden age , the City Foursquare and the Temple Beautiful so that every elemental can hold the matrix for perfect form on earth. Ask for the earth be sealed in the emerald matrix and the healing thoughtform.

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