Rameaus Nephew (in a new translation by Ian C. Johnston)

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Rameau’s Nephew for president?

The first printing from the original manuscript was not made until The work, in a new translation by Ian C. Johnston, takes the form of a conversation between "Moi," a representative of the author, and "Lui," a young, cynical bohemian nephew of the French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau. As they display their wit and show off their knowledge, the conversation begins to resemble a chess game with its gambits and sly stratagems.

The two men satirize society, in which mediocrity is allowed to flourish, and discuss the nature of genius, music, and art. Denis Diderot — was a French philosopher, art critic, and writer. For questions or technical support, please use our contact form. Rameau's Nephew in a new translation by Ian C. Johnston by Denis Diderot.

Rameau's Nephew Full Audiobook by Denis DIDEROT by Satire, Published 1800 -1900

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