Prince (Trayectos/Música) (Spanish Edition)

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Over a half of those living in the camps have no access to a latrine or if they do, have to share it with about 80 other people. Amnesty International warns reduced funding threatens essential services at the existing camps.

The majority of those who have left the camps have returned to where they once lived before the earthquake or been evicted by force. A third of those who left have received subsidies from public and private institutions to help them pay for rent. But there has never been enough housing for everyone in Haiti, even before the tragedy. The same year the quake struck, there was a ,housing-unit shortage in Port-au-Prince alone.

And in the five years that have followed, international aid agencies have only been able to build about 9, homes. The United States planned on constructing 15, homes but has only built 2, since the quake struck. Countries and organizations involved in rebuilding Haiti have reached the conclusion that their initial plans were too ambitious.

The United States, one of the countries that has contributed most money, planned on constructing 15, homes but has only built 2, in the past five years. Among the reasons are the high costs involved, which turned out to be three times more than US officials originally projected.

Contributor: Disturnell, John Date: Notes within map describe historical events, including those of the Mexican War. Notes in Spanish and English. Prime meridian: Washington, D. Map Provincia d[e] S. Bird's-eye view. Accompanied by paper pulls of recto and verso of the cooperplate. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image Contributor: Ysarti, Antonio Date: Map Plano de la costa comprendida entre el rio Colorado o del nor Oriented with north to the left.

Pen-and-ink and watercolors. Rice paper mounted on verso. Map Plano del estado de Chihuahua Index of cities denotes mines or mining camps. Contributor: Piper, E. Map Mapa corografico del norte de la Sonora y Primeria en la Amer Also shows locations of churches. Prime meridian: Tenerife. Pen-and-ink and watercolors on four sheets taped together.

Insets: Plano topografico de la ciudad de Orizaba -- Plano topografico de la ciudad de Xalapa-Enriquez -- Plano topografico de la ciudad y puerto de Veracruz. Includes text and tables: Coordenadas geograficas -- Declinaciones de la aguja magnetica, -- Division politica, extension y poblacion -- Signos Contributor: Mexico. Map Mapa general de la Republica de la Guatemala. El mapa de la Republica de Guatemala levantado por August van de Gehuchte y examinado y revisado en sus puntos principales topograficos segun las ordenes del S. Map Mapa de Republica de Nicaragua : levantado por orden de su Ex Pen-and-ink black over pencil grid on tracing linen.

Flint, at Rivas Includes two insets. In lower right bottom: L. Haupt, Rivas, Nic. Geographic coordinates and place names annotated in pencil by later hand. Lewis Muhlenberg Date: Prime meridian: Paris. In lower right margin: LC copy sectioned in 2 sheets. Two copies. Copy Contributor: Robelin, L. Map Mapa nueva de Costarica.

Scale ,, Negative photocopy. Annotated in red ink: As claimed by Costa Rica, Contributor: Haupt, Lewis M. In upper left corner: Norte. LC copy sectioned in 8 with sheets joined to form 1 map and mounted on purple cloth. Contributor: Spain. Map Plano de la ciudad de Sto.

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Shows Hispaniola, eastern portions of Cuba and Jamaica, and other adjacent islands. Also shows roads and villages in Hispaniola. Kool; and, Strasburg fleur-de-lis. Pen-and-ink and green watercolor. Mounted on cloth backing.

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Manual Prince (Trayectos/Música) (Spanish Edition)

Maggs number annotated in pencil in lower right margin: 9. Available also through the Library Watermarks: IV; and, Strasburg fleur-de-lis. Also shows roads and villages. Annotated in black ink in upper right corner: N. Maggs number annotated in pencil in lower right Includes notes, inset map Contributor: Schomburgk, Robert H.

Manual El trayecto de una lágrima (Spanish Edition)

Robert Hermann Date: In Spanish and French. Inset: Ville de Port-au-Prince. Scale , Inset: Ciudad y contornos de Santo Domingo. Includes notes and tables of distances. LC copy imperfect: missing sections along old folds. Contributor: Moya, Casimiro N. De Date: Includes text. Three copies. Copy 1 has lower left corner missing; boundaries in green and red; annotated in pencil on verso: Force map coll Copy 2 sectioned and mounted on cloth backing for folding; boundaries in green and yellow; label mounted on verso Contributor: G.

Includes inset of "Distritos senatoriales. Text and diagrams on verso. Map [Map of Lesser Antilles]. Attributed to Joan Vinckeboons by comparison with his other maps in Henry Harrisse collection. Oriented with north to the right. Vault Acquisitions control no. John Island. Noteworthy acc. Map Description o carta reducida, de los costas de tierra firma d Title devised by cataloguer. Meridian: Tenerife. LC Nautical charts on vellum, Coastline of South America redrawn after Pen-and-ink and goauche. Contributor: Mattos, Antonio De Date: Map Plano topografico que comprende una parte del Montegrande, el Shows Uruguay River.

Relief shown by shading. In upper margin: No.

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Map Mapa de la Republica de Colombia Relief shown in hachures. Inserts of perspective views of various areas of the country. Contributor: Vidal, Enrique Date: Map Mapa de la Republica de Colombia Relief shown by hachures. Map Carta de la republica de Colombia. Contributor: Erhard Hermanos Date: Map [Manuscript map of Dagua River region, Colombia]. Oriented with north to the bottom. Has watermarks. Includes index and note.

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  8. Available also through the Library of Map Carta de la Provincia de Quito y de sus adjacentes Relief shown pictorially and by hachures. De La. Lists major cities and towns within each province; provinces are color-coded. Contributor: Villavicencio, Manuel Date: Map Mapa del Peru Also shows administrative divisions. Includes ill. Shows Corral Bay near the mouth of Valdivia River. Oriented with north toward the upper left.

    Includes ancillary map "Plano de la rada de Sn. Juan Bautista en la parte N. Map Plano catastral de la provincia de Mendoza Relief shown by hachures. Cadastral map.