Keeping My Options Open 2011 Update An Autobiography and Family History

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Housing Find a place to live. Housing benefit. Social housing tenants. Education Schools. Adult education. Early years. Rubbish and recycling Your bins. Large items. Garden waste. Planning View applications. Apply for permission. Building control. Some, like filmmaker Gary Hustwit and New York subway map creator Massimo Vignelli , even made a documentary about it. Created by Swiss graphic designer Max Miedinger with Haas Type Foundry president Eduard Hoffmann and first introduced in , Helvetica still stands as a visual definition of not just modernism but modernity itself.

That owes in part to its clean, unambiguous lines, and also to its use of space: as all the aforementioned typography enthusiasts will have noticed, Helvetica leaves little room between its letters, which imbues text written in the font with a certain solidity. No wonder it so often appears, more than half a century after its debut, on the signage of public institutions as well as on the promotion of products that live or die by the ostensible timelessness of their designs.

But as times change, so must even near-perfect fonts: hence Helvetica Now. The development of Helvetica Now also necessitated a close look at all the versions of Helvetica so far developed the most notable major revision being Neue Helvetica, released in and adapting their best characteristics for an age of screens. Few of those characteristics demanded more attention than the spacing — or to use the typographical term, the kerning.

But however astonishing a showcase it may be, Helvetica Now doesn't drive home the importance of the art of kerning in as visceral a manner as another new typeface: Hellvetica , designed by New York creative directors Zack Roif and Matthew Woodward. Much painstaking labor has also gone into Hellvetica's kerning, but not to make it as beautiful as possible: on the contrary, Roif and Woodard have taken Helvetica and kerned it for maximum ugliness. In fact, the sheer cost of licensing that most modern of all fonts has, in recent years, pushed even the formerly Helvetica-using likes of Apple, Google, and IBM to come up with their own typefaces instead — all of which, tellingly, resemble Helvetica.

We can consider them all weapons in the life of a designer, which, as Vignelli put it, "is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Coverage of the refugee crisis peaked in And it frames mass migration as extraordinary, not the norm. The crisis aspect is real , the result of dangerously accelerated movement of capital and climate change.

But mass movements of people seeking better conditions, safety, opportunity, etc. The yellow arrows that fly across the globe in the dramatic animation make it seem like early humans moved by bullet train. But when consequential shifts in climate occurred at a glacial pace—and economies were built on what people carried on their backs—mass migrations happened over the span of thousands of years. Yet they happened continuously throughout last , to 70, years of human history, give or take. We may never know what drove so many of our distant ancestors to spread around the world.

But how can we know what routes they took to get there? Critics like science journalist Angela Saini are skeptical. Despite the significance modern humans have ascribed to variations in phenotype, race is a culturally defined category and not a scientific one. Graves , professor of biological sciences at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering..

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In its second decade, cinema struggled to evolve. A quick rush. A bit of fun. Griffith started injecting this new medium with elements of story. It started aspiring towards art. To this end, filmmakers started to expand the canvas on which they created.

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Films that were just two to eight minutes lengthened in duration as their stories grew in complexity. In , D. Griffith premiered his racist masterpiece The Birth of a Nation , which crystallized film language and proved that longer movies could be financially successful. Instead, they focused their efforts on creating gloriously baroque sets and costumes. Yet seeing a picture in a book of a demon is one thing.

Seeing it leap around lashing the naked backs of the damned is something else entirely. Stephen Bush , was even more effusive:.

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They have followed, in letter and in spirit, his conceptions. They have sat like docile scholars at the feet of the master, conscientiously and to the best of their ability obeying every suggestion for his genius, knowing no inspiration, except such as came from the fountainhead. Great indeed has been their reward.

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They have made Dante intelligible to the masses. The immortal work, whose beauties until now were accessible only to a small band of scholars, has now after a sleep of more than six centuries become the property of mankind. You can watch the full movie above. Be sure to watch to the end where Satan himself can be seen devouring Brutus and Cassius.

Looking back, Chan said she thought that the time of the Yahoo! Friends expect Chan and Zuckerberg to marry. Now we have 2x everything, so if you need any household appliances, dishes, glasses, etc please come by and take them before we give them away. Zuckerberg nicknamed it the Bunker. One day in early August, the Wall was covered with self-referential posts. Why is the default for this app everyone?? Before arriving each morning, he works out with a personal trainer or studies Mandarin, which he is learning in preparation for the trip to China. Zuckerberg is involved in almost every new product and feature. His daily schedule is typically free from 2 P.

He is often one of the last people to leave the office. A photograph posted by a Facebook employee over Labor Day weekend showed Zuckerberg sitting at a long table in a conference room surrounded by other workers—all staring at their computers, coding away. In the early years, Facebook tore through a series of senior executives.

Within ten days of hiring an executive, Breyer told me, Zuckerberg would e-mail or call him and say that the new hire needed to get the boot. Things calmed down in March, , when Zuckerberg hired Sheryl Sandberg, a veteran of Google who was the chief of staff for Lawrence Summers when he was Secretary of the Treasury. A flood of former Google employees soon arrived, too.

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In part, the exodus reflects the status that former Facebook employees have in the tech world. But the departures also point to the difficulty some people have working for Zuckerberg. In late July, Facebook launched the beta version of Questions, a question-and-answer product that seems to be a direct competitor of Quora.

To many people, the move seemed a vindictive attack on friends and former employees.

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In an interview, Cheever declined to comment, as did Matt Cohler, another friend who left the company, and who invested in Quora. It worked. The social-game company Zynga—the maker of FarmVille and Mafia Wars—is expected to earn more than five hundred million dollars this year, most of it generated from people playing on Facebook.