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I like the method with tuplets from this article more.

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Never seen materials about it. Hi Derek. Many thanks for the new workaround. For all variants acciaccatura, 8th, 16th, etc there are two types available in the palette: before the note and after the note. It suffices to select these latter ones and apply them to the last note in a given bar. Sibelius has an undocumented mechanism that allows grace notes to be attached to the end of a bar effectively at the right-end barline , rather than to a note. There are some limitations and issues with this, but it really works better for most purposes than any other supported mechanism.

This has been available since at least Sibelius 6.

This indicates that the grace note is now attached to the end of the bar, and not to a note. Drag each of the remaining grace note right, being careful not to change the pitch.

Drag each note just to the left of the previously dragged note, and the dragged notes should beam together. The grace notes will not play back unless there is a note immediately following the end of the bar. The grace notes will take their playback time out of that note.


You might be able to hide the new main note or put it in another voice, but there will be no way to have the grace notes play unless there is a note to give up some time. You may have to add notes in a hidden staff, or hidden notes in a different voice to get playback to work.

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You may also want to reduce the played duration of the note that the grace notes were originally attached to by adjusting their Live Playback start position and duration data. Moving the notes. You need to actually change the attachment point of the grace notes, not just the horizontal offset from the original attachment point, so you cannot use the arrow keys or the X position in the Inspector to get the notes to attach to the end of the bar.

The only consistently successful way I have found to attach grace notes to the end of a bar is to mouse-drag them one at a time.

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This is really not all that hard, though, and certainly no harder than moving the notes with the arrow keys or Inspector, and unlike those mechanisms, the notes attached to the end of a bar are not moved back to the left of a note by Reset Note Position. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Grace Notes

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Grace note

Determine how many grace notes are needed, and their duration Be warned: some simple math is involved here. Enter the notes and tidy up Now, enter in all of the notes as if they were all regular notes, not grace notes. Benefits to this approach This is actually a true representation of what happens musically. Other software As mentioned earlier, this is easier in other software. Here are quarter notes:. In the second measure, the grace notes precede each quarter note. The full quarter note occurs as quickly as possible, usually still falling on the beat. Two things to keep in mind about grace notes: First, when playing songs at truly fast tempos, the differences between grace notes and sixteenth notes can become blurred, but you still have to try to make them sound different.

This is one reason why being able to hear and count out rhythms not to mention to be able to read them can be very helpful to you. Additional notes can be added to a grace note to form a chord by pressing Shift plus A — G. A long-time contributor to the project, he is one of the developers of the software and the author of the comprehensive resource Mastering MuseScore, offered as an online course, a paperback available in both English and French, and a Kindle edition.

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