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Witnesses admitted to seeing or hearing the man "strike the child and cuss at the child," reports say. A year-old father has pleaded guilty to the murder of his infant son in after complaining about him on Facebook.

Ortiz Deion Smothers Jr. After serving a minimum of 30 years, the father will be eligible for parole consideration. The term was rendered by Chief Judge Edward D.

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Based on the arrest warrant for Smother, emergency responders tended to an emergency call regarding an unresponsive infant at am on June 12, The infant who was just four-months-old at the time had probable skull fractures. The next day, the baby named Omar Smothers was declared brain dead and was taken off life support.

Mesothelioma ultimately took his life, but it was a beautiful life, and he was so much more than just a disease. I had told many people that I would have rather had 30 short years with him as my father than with someone else. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

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My Dad was the perfect father to me. He had an unfailing knack to make the best of any situation and bring out the best in those around him.

People were always drawn to him; he had a magnetic personality that just made people want to be close to him. I was blessed to have him all the time.

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Dad was a handyman. He could literally fix anything. In my home, there was never a call to a plumber, contractor, or electrician. Mom and I just told Dad what was broken, and the next thing we knew, it was fixed. Dad was a musician. I remember growing up and sitting with him while he played and sang. Later on, he worked up the courage to begin singing in Church and became a staple at community events; people loved to hear him sing.

His love of God and neighbor always shone through.

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He also joined a bluegrass band called The Dunbar Boys named after the town where he lived his whole life and loved being on that stage performing for whomever happened to be around. Dad was a special kind of dad. He was fun, goofy, and never afraid to look silly to make me smile.

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We were watching some home movies over Christmas where Dad and I were walking our dogs. Then, of course, I decided to walk Dad. I put the chain around his waist and dragged him all over the place. When he saw that I was happy, he was happy too. Even though I danced my whole life, Dad wanted me to try out all different sports. Not necessarily by being on an official team, but with him. We spent hours outside playing baseball, kickball, and throwing a football around. I never exceled at any of these activities, but looking back, he was trying to help me become more well-rounded or maybe to just be able to play games with the other kids. Plus, he liked chuckling at me when I would kick as hard as I could and miss the ball completely.

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