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Mayflies show up on weather radar, swarm cars in Ohio. Doctor finds live tick inside ear of woman with tinnitus. Fisherman reels in trout with 'cursed' wedding ring in Lake Michigan. South Korea responds to Japan's retaliatory restrictions against chipmakers. New Orleans Pelicans agree to trade for Derrick Favors. Every hot tub they have always had the latest technology available and are nothing short of revolutionary. To say the least, they have occupied at least half of our inflatable hot spa guide. Among their latest offering is the SaluSpa Palm Springs, a circular inflatable hot tub that can seat up to six people.

This spa also screams out premium because of its leather texture and mellow color palette; not to mention its numerous extra features. It can also be easily setup outdoors, or even indoors, without the need for any tools. The Palm Springs hot tub also has a slightly larger diameter and height than most of its rivals in the segment. As such, it can hold more warm water which is great if you are the type who wants to submerge yourself deeper in the portable hot tub.

Furthermore, this inflatable hot tub also has a very interactive digital panel that lets you set your desired temperature up to degrees Fahrenheit , as well as its other features. This model also comes equipped with an insulated cover to help retain the ideal temperature longer. This said feature also prevents your toddlers from unwittingly dipping themselves in the hot tub unsupervised. You will also appreciate that they included a DVD guide with the hot tub set, aside from the usual user manual.

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This instructional material can help you install the unit correctly and up to speed. There are also tons of info including hot tub maintenance and maintaining the chemical balance in the warm water. The smaller version of the Coleman Lay Z Spa is the miniature Coleman SaluSpa, an inflatable hot tub that can best seat up to four people.

This in itself can be a boon and a bane. Smaller means you can fit it even in tight places in your property such as a shack. However, that also means less legroom for the bathers. The walls of the tub are also very firm and provide incredible support to your back when you are lying on your back. It also has 60 air jets that can give you a decent spa massage experience. Its water heating unit can warm the water at a rate of 3 degrees Fahrenheit so it will take about less than a day for it to reach its maximum temperature of degrees which is as hot as it can get.

The only downside is that it uses a timer mechanism, which you have to constantly adjust every time you use it.

Furthermore, this inflatable hot tub has two rigid handles which can help you move or relocate this empty unit with ease. One of the most affordable hot tubs on this list is the SaluSpa Miami Airjet. It does everything right from its casual no-frills design to its overall functionality.

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When fully inflated, the hot tub has a diameter of inches, has a height of inches and can hold gallons of warm water. Loading it up with water also takes just a few minutes. This inflatable tub is also very rigid thanks to its polyester mesh core and laminated PVC layers.

These materials are very durable and do not wrinkle easily. You can find everything you need on how to install it through the included DVD which provides a lot of information about maintenance and how to put up the unit. Instead, it releases bubbles on the side of the pool to create a semi-therapeutic water massage; which is not bad, but also not that great. You get to have the hot tub experience at a fraction of a cost. With its digital control panel is located within your reach, you can easily regulate the temperature without having to get out of the inflatable hot tub.

It can automatically be started and timed to a certain duration for it to automatically stop. Plus, supplies include a filtration system and chemical floater that will guarantee you a safe and clean experience. Correct usage of these inclusions can be found in the instructional DVD. Everything you need to set up this inflatable hot tub is found in its package.

This unit has Rapid Heating System that will allow your water temperature to increase rapidly. This feature makes the it ready not just quickly, but also safely. It can be heated up to a temperature of degrees Fahrenheit, which is best for relaxing. If you desire to preserve the temperature of the water inside the spa for an adequate amount of time, this tub comes with a cover to maintain optimal water temperature.

This Rapid Heating System is pretty convenient for when you want to feel extra relaxed. However, you definitely have no reason to conclude that the SaluSpa Siena Airjet is a rip-off. Far from the circular and square shaped hot tub models in the market, this one has a unique boat-like shape. It also only seats two people instead of the usual four to six. Moreover, the walls of the hot tub are much thicker and sturdier than many of its rivals. It also has cushioned flooring which makes it very comfortable to sit on. The heater also is very quiet and is efficient in maintaining your preferred temperature.

Adding to the 4-person capacity is the inflatable GoPlus Outdoor. With its features and superb quality, this hot tub is a sure hit. For a retained soft water in the inflatable spa, suspended crystals are kept in the filter cartridge. This tub is designed for your convenience and ease of transport. With its built-in Hard Water Treatment System, the heated water produced becomes gentle in the skin, clothes, and basically, everything that the treated hot water touches.

This avoids the build-up of hard water, which can lead to a poor tub life.

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Through this system, your personal temperature preference will be met. The exterior walls of the inflatable hot tub are made of fabric-coated material and insulated ground cloth. It also comes with an insulated cover that is responsible for better heating and safety. Among the remarkable inflatable spas is this one from Lifesmart.

This one will definitely not disappoint because of its specifications and total relaxation it gives you in return. The LifeSmart Simplicity Plug and Play Spa is worth every penny because of the great features that come along with it. It comes with Balboa topside controls, adjustable graphite jets, and a filter. Improve your inflatable hot tub experience with its volt light with interchangeable mood lens caps.

That said, you are bound to have the time of your life without hassle because you can simply fill up the spa, and plug it in. The spa is designed so as to fit 4 people.

This also features top-side air valves which give you the opportunity to control the combination of air and hot water in the tub. What makes this permanent hot tub exceptional is that it is constructed using high-quality material, so its durability is not a concern. This hot tub might not be as handy as its competitors but it has a highly indestructible structure featuring its Sandstone Rock Solid shell.


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Among its rivals, only LifeSmart uses EcoSmart Technology which is a very good energy management system. Each LifeSmart Simplicity hot tub has this feature. This makes the hot tub consume less energy, without affecting its performance. In this section, we have included the most popular choices for inflatable tubs for every first-time buyer looking for a tub that fits 6 persons.

Under each product, all the important details are listed as well and this is to help you decide if a certain product will fit your needs and wants. The Intex Pure Spa 6-Person e is one of the models that come in a sleek and appealing design. Also, this 6 person inflatable hot tub is very easy to set up and assemble.

It would only take you 15 to 20 minutes to inflate and deflate the whole spa. Moreover, it is very compact and mobile.