Ancient Language Discoveries, volume 12

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Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy

No difference here or in Chicago -genetic or just a refusal to assimilate, what does one expect. Without our present societies and values which are under assault by the liberal NWO Nazis, none of these activities or even values would exist. Remember the Aswan dam and what that entailed — how did we save some of what was far more precious?

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There are no words or sentiment to address your selfish and hateful beliefs. America and the EU would certainly benefit from the removal of your hateful species. Selfish loser. European and American history has already been well-preserved for hundreds of years. First of all, nobody is destroying any Confederate statues—they are being put in museums.

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  • And kneeling before the flag is not disrespecting it at all. So sad how European intellectuals decided all non whites were ignorant savages. Look at northern Europe before Roman era. They were the savages. A similar thing was done to American Indians. It is good they expose the truth. Indeed I know. Life as we know it began in two places — the fertile crescent of course and in Europe.

    Now, now Robert. Let the critics critique. Robert, Stone age does not have any architecture or a work done based on blueprint like Egyptian pyramids. Stone age does not show civilization, just a ritual place. There were no libraries with books on science and culture in Europe at the time Egypt had the Alexandrian Library — a great loss for humanity when burned. What could you say we had in Europe at the time? We Europeans should not have thin skin because we were anticipated by civilized societies. History is history. We cannot deny it because we think we are the vanguard of the world at this moment and time.

    We have had our moment for more than 10 decades, a moment that in years from now we might not be able to hold. There might be another part of the world that will surpass us and become the new civilization that will bring our world to a higher level. Each civilized society has its moment, it rises and reaches a point when it is not able to keep up with the change the times require and unfortunately it experiences its downfall.

    Hopefully does not happen that way! Northern Europeans contemporary with Romans were savages? Do we have images, like we do of Egyptians? And what is so great about a civilization whose largest monumental buildings are simple tombs for absolutist rulers? Classical Greece surpassed the entire ancient world in art, technology, and government in just one century.

    Did you even bother to read the article? There was more to Nubian civilization that monuments and tombs which are a sign of a civilization,like Egypt.

    Ancient Greece, the Middle East and an ancient cultural internet

    How close-minded and ignorant of you. Get over yourself and your stupid racism,please. This is the 21st century—that kind of thinking is so outdated and ridiculous,I have to laugh at you. Because when Alexander the Great went on a conquering binge, he decided to leave a lot of cities in his trail bearing his name. The Greeks had a learning center in Egypt because that is where the knowledge stemmed from.

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    12 weird discoveries in ancient paintings you won't believe

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    Ancient Greece, the Middle East and an ancient cultural internet | Education | The Guardian

    Lynn Kelley. July 20, at am. Click here to view our homepage , Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! Yes but there is no original. These are the actual orininal books. The other books listen are much older than any existing copy of the koran. Absolutely wrong. The oldest Quran in the world is in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and is at least years old.

    No original. These are originals. The oldest surviving ones. Otherwise you could include older books than Job. This article is about the oldest surviving manuscripts. The original manuscript of Job is no longer in existence, but if it was it would be on this list.

    Mystery Coin of the Yukon

    Aryans came to India years ago and as they mention the use of weapons in war in their scriptures hence after the Iron age. Mahabharata was written around 2nd century BC and Gita is one of part of that epic tale. Similarly Ramayan was written around 3rd century AD. Still no original manuscripts found yet.

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    Example being the Iliad, written somewhere around BC, not physical books. These are the oldest Bibles dating to the fourth century CE. Philological and linguistic evidence indicate that the Rigveda was composed in the north-western region of the Indian subcontinent, most likely between — BC,though a wider approximation of — BC has also been given. Yes but again although the original texts may be dated by language experts to 4k years or whatever no originals survive.

    The article is concerned only with extant actual manuscripts. Not copies or reprints or mentions in other scripts. Sangeeth: Which is the oldest surviving copy of the Vedas? And in which museum is it kept?